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Bhavish S.

I know a mere thank you will not do for what Dr. Asif and Dr. Ananya did for my father. But still, my family and I owe a big thanks to all of you at PsyCare. You are the best at what you do. Keep healing people. There are many like my father who need doctors like you. Thank you.

Lt. Col. U.S.G

“PsyCare is an institute one can rely upon to deliver very good mental health care. The staff is extremely cordial and positive. The doctors, not just well qualified, are extremely experienced and very practical in their approach towards patients.
Above all, they are very approachable and readily available on telephone to address concerns too.
A highly recommended “PsyCare” Institute.”
Letter of Appreciation From IIT, Delhi
Letter of Appreciation from Police Training School, Delhi

Dr. M.A. (Working for PSU)

It is because of you, that my family has been saved from being devastated. I convey my sincere gratitude & thanks to you & your team.

Ms. H

I am writing this message to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it were not for you, probably I would have really given in to the insecurities and apprehensions I had about myself and my life.

It was your one line- “Don’t play the victim”, it was that one line that stuck with me and I decided to take the challenges head on.

I wanted to inform you that I am done with one diploma course of makeup artistry, I am doing MBA in marketing and on weekends I am taking clients for makeup. I have worked with a fashion company as a freelancer. Went for a pre wedding shoot with a couple as their makeup artist. And on weekdays I study and I am really enjoying this. Your advice, guidance and support has helped to come a long way!
Thank you so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

RSD, Rohtak (Haryana)

I, Subedar Major (Retd) RSD came with my patient from Rohtak (Haryana). When we came here our patient was very critical, mentally depressed and in pain saying she was sick of life and wanted to die.

Dr Ahmed admitted our patient immediately and she has recovered so quickly that we cant even imagine, because we have admitted our patient in several good hospitals, but she had not recovered there . She was discharged with in a span of 2 months

We trust PsyCare , Pocket 2 Plot 30 Delhi with closed eyes, because of Psycare our patient got new life. We express heartfelt thanks to Dr Ahmed and his team for his efforts and cooperation.

Dr S, A recovered Inpatient

“Dr Asif Iqbal Ahmed and Dr Ranveer Singh are very competent and good to interact with. They are very concerned for the well being of the patient and take required care. Overall management by the psychologists, doctors and nursing staff is very good. Other services including food are good.”

VC, Mother of a recovered patient of Addiction

“The facility is excellent! All staff including Doctors are accessible at all times and look after the needs not only of the patient but also of the immediate family.

I would like to specially mention the attention and care given by Mr. Tyagi and Farooq.”

Ravi Raj Atrey,Training In-Charge Samuel Foundation India

Greetings from Samuel Foundation India

We extend our appreciation for the guidance provided by you during the lectures at our Uttam Nagar and Garhi centers on ‘Substance use and abuse’ on 11th & 12th February,2015.

The Student have learned a lot from your presence

Ratnapria Datta,KSS Coordinator British School

British School

Dear Dr.Barmi and Dr. Ahmed.

Thanks you for running the substance Abuse Awareness Workshop with our IB Students. The Interactions were much Appreciated and our Student have benefited from your sessions. They specially enjoyed the drama activities and the conversations with your Psycare team and ex-addicts.

I do hope to continue our association with you.

RS, A Grateful Mother

“Thanks Dr Asif.

Because of you my son’s distress has gone. My son’s life has changed completely. You have also relieved my son from the pain of taking 5-6 medicine in a day as now He is comfortable only with 2 medicines. Thanks again for your kind attention and skillfull advise as a psychiatrist.

You are really one of those who gives you time, listens to you, gets out information needed for right treatment. Doesn’t believe in giving too many medicines, never asked for frequent visits and allowed personal querries on mobile at times of need. I felt taken care off and well attended in all my visits..”


Dr. Asif Iqbal Ahmed

I am very happy to say that you are like God to me. You gave me a new life. When I was suffering from depression for a long period and was thinking about to do suicide as I thought that my life has ruined. At that time you gave me a proper treatment so that I could recover. Now I have a purpose to live. Thanks a lot sir to make my life so much beautiful.”

Mr. A.S

“She received professional treatment and proper care during her stay at PsyCare. Thank you very much. Wishing all the best. ”

Mr. S. V

“There is o fault to be found. The care and attention given is of the best quality. ”

Mr. A. M

“Everything is pal excellence.”

Mr. M.K

“The hospital is absolutely professional and the facility is very responsible and polite with visitors and patients.”

Mr. S.K

“I would like to give my vote of thanks to all staff members/ doctors/ nurses at PsyCare.”

Mr. R.A

“Keeps the good job going PsyCare. ”

Mr. A.K.A

“The counselors/ therapists/ doctors and support staff are extremely good and deal with the patient and his family with empathy.
Excellent professional approach in handling the situation and emergency.
I am short of words in appreciating the expertise of one and all.
My special thanks to Dr. Ranveer Singh or his clemency.”

Mr. K.D

“As painful as the stay was in the beginning, one come to understand and respect the move and care in regard to the fixed protocols in hindsight. It was an invaluable learning experience for me as a patient.”

Mr. G.S.P

“Medical treatment is state of the art and differs from case to care. We as patients are interested to assertion the result of the care, so that the patient can lead a life at par in the future.”

Mr. U.M

“Services and facilities being provided are really helpful.”

Ms. R.A

I was failed many times in finding a good psychiatrist and hospital where I could get best treatment for my sister but I finally succeeded and got such friendly staff and doctors who were all very supportive and kind. (24-11-2016)

Ms. A.B

“Very good centre for us. All doctors and staff also very good.”

Mrs. N.B

“Treatment, behavior and services provided were very good. I am highly obliged for the above.”

Mrs. S.F

“I am very thankful to all of you for such satisfactory support and treatment for my son.”

Mr. Mohd. A

“I feel great improvement. Very humble people.”

Mr. A.I

“I am very thankful to all the doctors and support staff that has done the best to bring my son on track. Really appreciable work. Best wishes and keep it up.”

Dr. A.K.J

“I was very comfortable during my stay at PsyCare. There were initial difficulties, as expected, but overall the experience has made me a worthwhile man. I would like to express my gratitude to all members of the staff. It is very difficult to a single person. Collectively, they were good to me.
Thank you PsyCare.”

Mrs. S.A

“For the first time, my son is able to relate to doctors and looks forward to get help at PsyCare. I made the right decision in coming to PsyCare.”

Mrs. V.C

“The facility is excellent. All staff including doctors are accessible at all times and look after the needs not only of the patients but also the immediately family. ”

Ms. D.S

“It was really a great experience to be here in the hospital and I am fully satisfied with all the services and treatment too. I have been feeling that I’m a patient here. In future also I will recommend everybody (who is suffering from any psychiatric problem) to come to this hospital only.”

Rashi Sinha Psychologist, MIND PIPER

PsyCare Breaking Stereotypes

Hello, I just got a chance to see PsyCare’s OPD and IPD wards. And I must say that the infrastructure has been planned exceptionally. I met a client in the female ward and it was almost as if she was at her home. The efforts of the organisation to remove the label of the ‘patient’ from people in distress is clearly visible, and I consider it to be a radical change. In most IPDs, clients are not even allowed to wear clothes of their choice. They are given uniform. From this institutional norm, PsyCare is standing apart by recognizing the agency of the people with Mental Health concern.

And very approachable staff!